How do I disinfect my SpiroHome Personal device?

Regular cleaning and disinfection of a medical device is important for both safety and hygiene reasons. The SpiroHome Personal is a single-user device that comes with a reusable (used by a single user) mouthpiece. Cleaning and disinfection of the device should be performed at least once a week and when the device is visibly contaminated using the method and type of high-level disinfectant wipes recommended. For more information about the cleaning and disinfection method and the appropriate high-level disinfectant wipes please refer to the product user manual. Furthermore, the SpiroWay Reusable mouthpiece should be cleaned once a week and when there is visible contamination, and should be replaced completely every three months. The mouthpiece should be replaced if the user has experienced a recent bacterial or viral infection. For more information about the cleaning method for the mouthpiece and how to order new mouthpieces please see the product user manual.